Monday, March 24, 2008

Manners Are Dead

I would like to use this blog post to play Emily Post and define the phrase "RSVP" for the 18 people I have invited to Tara's bridal shower this weekend who have not responded: It is the intials of a French phrase that means "Please Respond", as in, let me know if you are going to attend or not. When I say "RSVP by March 24th", that means, please let me know if you are coming or not by March 24th. As in today. Because otherwise I will have to track you down and find out so I will know how much food to get. Perhaps I'm going to get 18 calls or emails in the next 8 hours, but somehow I doubt it. It really is disgusting when you invite 21 people to a party and only 4 of them let you know whether they are coming or not. (I know the guest of honor and my co-thrower, Erin, are coming, so that's why it's 18 people I haven't heard from.) Seriously, I have not even heard from the mothers of the groom and the bride! I had to ask the bride herself if she knew if her relatives and friends are coming. She doesn't need to have to deal with that! But we can't very well plan a shower for 7 people and have more than 3 times that show up, it'd be a disaster. And if I plan for a whole lot of people and there are a lot of no-shows, it's nearly as bad.
Okay, enough bitching, I'm done. I just wish manners were more important in today's world. I'll be teaching my child them, she already says please and thank you, I just hope she's not alone in knowing how to treat her fellow human beings respectfully.

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Kate said...

That's annoying. I'm really bad about RSVPing, but I'm getting better. I try to remember that it makes it that much harder for the people hosting.