Friday, March 07, 2008

Thanks City of Austin!

So because we were already going to be shelling out a ton of money to fix one part of our HVAC system, we decided to go ahead and have the City of Austin do a free energy audit to see what all we could do to improve our energy efficiency and what it would cost. And we've decided to go ahead and have our house brought into the 21st century. I mean, if we're going to blow a lot of money we might as well Blow A Lot Of Money and have our energy bills be way down after we're done, right? Also, the city of Austin has insane rebates that are going to be equal to like 26% of the cost of the improvements! So I'm sad I have to spend so much money on it (bye, bye Mexico, bye bye bailing church out of closing-sorry God, bye bye new car for a while), but I'm sort of excited about the fact that we can bring down our energy bills and do great things for the environment. Our HVAC system is going to be better than one in a brand new house when they're done. They're going to:
-Put in solar screens
-Seal all the ducts and anywhere we could be losing air
-Bring our Attic insulation from a R10 to an R38!
-Have installation put around our ductwork (apparently our 40 year old ductwork is BETTER than what they would put in a new house today! we're lucky in that it's going to last forever.)
-Have a brand new Dee-luxe 3 ton A/C-Heater put in (I think our current is a 2 ton)
-Have the thing that was already broken replaced to boot!

So it's a lot of money, but fortunately they have the rebates and the installer has 12 months no interest so we don't have to use a credit card or anything horrendous like that. Man, I don't think I realized how much money an old house could suck up, but I still have no regrets. I love this house!


Tim said...

Well the sellers did give us this amount back on the asking price for the house based upon our inspection report.

Kate said...

That is VERY cool! You'll save enough money for other Mexico trips (not that it helps you now).

And like you said, your house is better-made than new ones. Ours is 6 years old and we've had to replace things. The hot water heater is the biggest one so far. Six. Years. Old.

Tara said...

You'll really appreciate having done it now once we hit the 110deg summer weather. You won't be seeing dollars flowing freely from your air conditioning ducts, and you'll be more comfortable.


Can I spend the summer at your house?