Friday, March 14, 2008

The Automat last Weekend and New Dishes!

So just a reminder that it's the last weekend for the Automat. Get your tickets at!
We went to Auditorium Shores last night and saw Grupo Fantasma, Del the Funky Homosapien, and Spoon for free. A great time was had by all! I was a sort of a bad person and kind of abused Bill and asked him to do box in addition to all his backstage duties so that we could go. But it just sounded so appealing and Stella, Tim and I have had no family time lately. I am totally going to buy Bill a giant beer as thanks. At lunch today we're going to join the Larsons at Dog and Duck for a day party. Hopefully we won't melt in the heat; I'll definitely have to remember to get everyone slathered in sunscreen. I'm currently wearing dark jeans and a black tank top, but I think I'd better find something a little lighter weight before I leave.
Stella just nearly killed us all. I thought I smelled gas and, sure enough, Tim had left the key in for the gas on the fireplace and Stella had turned it on. Luckily the flue was open (and it probably hadn't been on very long). We've got all the windows and the back door open. I've never lived in a house with gas, though and this is kind of scary!
I have new dishes! Very exciting. They are Corelle because I was sick to death of chips and broken plates. My mother offered to buy them for me as a housewarming present, and so I now have 12 place settings, a baking pan, two casseroles, a tray, a pitcher and 2 ramekins (Corelle's pretty cheap and I bought some accessories myself). They're really pretty. I love the square shape and that they are so modern and clean. I think they look kind of vintage 60's modern and are black and white so will therefore match anything. Our old dishes have been discontinued and are sort of a French Country style. My old kitchen was very vintage kitsch/country and I'm now more into modern, so I think I'll be migrating my accessories that way. They also had canisters, which I may get down the road. My current canisters are cherries from Target and while I really like them, I would like something more modern.
Oh my God, my child just went outside barefoot, wearing a t-shirt and diaper with two pairs of panties over them because she insisted on wearing two pairs of panties and I wasn't in an arguing mood. Okay, now she's added boots to the ensemble. I hope one of my neighbors doesn't call CPS...
crap, she just got stuck in the doggie door. Bless her heart. I'd better go.


Kate said...

Bless that child's heart--she is fabulous! And fogive me for laughing at her stuck in the dog door with two pairs of panties on.

I love the new plates, etc. I bet they fit the new house perfectly. And I hear you on the broken plates. We have a zillion but it's still getting to me.

Tara said...

Damn that second pair of panties! If she'd only worn one she might have fit. :O

Jooley Ann said...

Is it terrible of me to wish you had photos of Stella in her ensemble stuck in the dog door? It just sounds so completely wonderful. :)

And I love the plates, too.