Friday, March 21, 2008

Rash Update

I totally forgot to update after I got back from the dr's office what Stella's rash was due to and yesterday my sister-in-law called me in a panic that she would catch leprosy or something when she came to Stella's birthday party. So to calm all of those coming tomorrow, Stella does not have some dread disease; she in fact has dry skin, which was probably irritated by an unwashed birthday outfit she insisted on wearing last week. And her nose is still snotty, but I checked and colds are contagious for at most the first five days that there are symptoms. So Stella's on day 8, so we're safe. She's totally herself other than the snot, no fever, no other symptoms, so the birthday party is a go-ahead and no one is going to catch some dread disease. Yay!


Tara said...

Dry skin sucks! Hope everyone has fun at the b-day party this weekend, wish we were going to be there.

Kate said...

Poor Stella. I agree--dry skin sucks. But glad it's nothing too serious and will hopefully pass soon.

Kiss her for us!