Wednesday, February 27, 2008

I Feel Like I am Playing Hooky

I am supposed to be working on the program for the Automat. But I have a confession to make: I'm not. I have not sat down in several days, at least not since Friday, and so when I got the opportunity to sit down briefly to fire off a few Automat-related emails this afternoon during Stella's nap, I couldn't stop. I have been moving and painting and affixing and worrying over the set the last two days and before that I was procuring for the set, so really I have set on the brain. I have been home ALL DAY today, for the first time in quite a while, so I actually cleaned my filthy kitchen so that both my daughter (who is now back at home after residing at her Baba's all day the past two days), and Tim and I would have dishes. Although I don't really need dishes because I am on the tech week all fast food diet, which leaves your stomach in shambles and wreaks havoc on your weight loss. But this is what we do for theatre. Right at this moment I have no clue why, but ask me again at 9:10pm Friday night, and as long as the set didn't fall on an actor or the Dougherty Arts Center didn't go up in smoke, I can tell you because it's the most amazing thing to do on earth and I'd sooner give up breathing than give up doing it.

So come see it, I promise you it's going to be awesome:

When a cook gets iced in the freezer, Hoover sends in his boy and girl to get to the bottom of it. But is it the Crazy, the Russian, or perhaps the Robots behind the murder? Find out in Timothy Thomas' light hearted comedy set when men were men... well most of the time.

Starring: Alexandra Budziszewski, Craig Kanne, Amy Lewis, and Brandon Salinas.
Directed by Julie Winston-Thomas.

Written by Timothy Thomas

Tickets available by visiting

All tickets purchased at the box office must be paid for with cash only. We cannot take credit cards the night of the show. You can use a credit card to pay for tickets online or over the phone.

WHERE: Dougherty Arts Center
1110 Barton Springs Road

WHEN:February 29th-March 2nd (Fri-Sun)
March 6th-9th (Thu-Sun)
March 12th-15th (Wed-Sat)
All shows are at 8pm except Sunday matinées (March 2nd and 9th) which are at 5pm.
General Admission: $15 on Friday and Saturday, $10 all other shows.

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Kate said...

I/we will come closing weekend--can't wait! Break a leg!

I gave you some free advertising on my blog. =)