Saturday, June 23, 2007

We've got slab!

Ain't she a beaut. Yep, that may just look like a big piece of concrete, but it is not only a big piece of concrete and the place where our new house will eventually stand, it represents a renewal in our hope and excitement about the New House. We met another neighbor yesterday, Justin and Angela, a young couple who looked like newlyweds. Reminds me of Tim and I a mere 7 years ago when we first signed the papers to build this house. Sigh. They were excited about the neighborhood, too, but a bit disappointed when we told them that the sales guy had told us our house would be ready in October "to be safe". They'd also told them October. And they signed their contract in May, two months after us. And their lot doesn't have anything yet. But they seemed like nice kids. Hopefully we'll see them again in a few months and have the opportunity to hang out. I have a little utopian dream where in our new neighborhood everyone will talk to each other and hang out and have block parties. That would be cool.

We walked through some other floorplans they were building, including the one that was our first choice for the neighborhood, and were reassured that we'd made the right choice. They were nice, but we just LOVE our floorplan. We walked through the model again and we both wished that our house was at that point. But at least we have a slab!

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Kate said...

I love it! :) I think it's funny how small it looks in the picture.

I love the trees! Stella is going to love those.