Tuesday, June 12, 2007

More random bits

Thanks for all the comments on the Weight Watchers' post. Actually, Kelli and Mindy, you guys were the ones who inspired me to try it! I kept reading about your sucesses, then a neighbor said she'd used it to lose 30 lbs after her youngest was born and I was like, "all right, I'll give it a try!" So far, it is great. I haven't had a weigh-in yet, but my clothes already fit differently. And other than the first 3 days when, as my mother-in-law told me I would, I felt like I was starving to death, I feel satisfied. It's amazing that you can eat anything too, just keep track of the points and don't go over your total. The best part is the 35 points extra they give you a week. With those, there is no way I can feel deprived. In fact, I don't think I'm going to even use them all. My plan is to keep a few extra points on the table each week so that in case I misjudged some portions when I was eating out or something, I'll still be covered. I can't wait until Friday to see how much I've lost. My first goal is 17 lbs, but my overall goal is 35 pounds. Then I would be at the bottom of my healthy BMI range. I started this journey at the top of my healthy BMI range. I can't wait for all my old clothes to fit again, and if I reach my ultimate goal, I'll probably even be able to go a size lower! (I'd be 11 pounds under my pre-pregnancy weight and back at the weight I was when I met Tim many moons ago). So exciting!

More exciting news; Karen is going to be able to direct Little Murders after all! LGT is doing it in the fall and I have wanted to produce this play since I first bought it from half price books in college and read it. Because I have my own theatre company, I get to play Patsy to boot! And in Karen's hands, this is going to be a fantastic production, especially since LGT is a little flush with cash from Bitten! (don't worry, as unofficial treasurer, I won't let anyone blow the surplus. "Lockbox" is the watchword). It's a challenging role, I'm a bit nervous, but I know Karen will ride my ass until I get it perfect. That's why I love her, she pushes me to be a better actress. And she's so positive while she does it! I do have a concern because Patsy smokes. I mean, she HAS to smoke, it's in the script and her mother is constantly berating her for it. But I think it's just a couple of times she picks up a cigarette and it's not like I have to really smoke the whole thing. And I won't start smoking as a habit again. No way. I have a very sweet little girl who is the biggest reason I will never be a smoker again.

Speaking of Stella, she is being SO sweet today! Super cute and cuddly and fun and giggly. I love days like this. I really needed to run errands, but between the heat and Stella's great mood, I decided to just stay here and roll around on the floor with her.

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