Tuesday, June 19, 2007

And it continues

So the tile installers finally showed back up at 2:45 yesterday. Nearly 3 hours to get this hardy backing, supposedly. They were here until 8, but didn't get finished (surprise, surprise). I feel nasty because we can't shower because there are toilets in our tubs. They were supposed to be back at 9 this morning but (once again surprise, surprise), didn't show up until 10:30. After yet another call to Image Tile at 9:30 asking where they were to which the response was that they'd be there in half an hour. NEVER use Image Tile and Carpet. They did our kitchen a few years ago and did a fantastic job but now they suck. Both Tim's parents and we have had a horrible experience. They also tracked mortar onto the carpet, left the door open to let swarms of flies in, and left grubby hand prints on the walls and doors, so I will have to do a ton of repainting after they leave.

I can't believe it, the day we're getting tile installed and we had two people call yesterday afternoon to show the house. Unfortunately, they called my cell phone, which I don't keep on me at home because my home phone is the primary number on the listing. So in the midst of all the craziness, I get a knock on the door and a realtor and a nice little Indian family with a baby about Stella's age want to see the house. I was so embarrassed. I had just fed Stella her snack, so there was food out, her toys were everywhere, the tilers had made a mess, and the place was covered in live flies and dead flies. I mean, I spent all of yesterday afternoon killing flies, I probably killed 40-50 of them. It was disgusting. And this poor family had to walk into it. I bet they won't be coming back. After they left, I checked my voicemail and caught the other realtor before she came by. She said she'd come back today at noon, but when I called her to tell her they were still going to be working, she said that her client had found another house. And so it goes. Sigh. It's weird because my realtor says no one has said anything about the price. Which makes me think it must not be too much. I mean if we had had one comment, I'd feel like I had something to go on. Maybe we just haven't found the right buyer yet. I don't know. Well, hopefully the tile will be a big hit at the weekend of open houses. Keep your fingers crossed!

In Stella news, she's taking a lot more steps. She still prefers to hold on to things if they are there, but she'll take a few steps before she gives up!

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