Monday, June 18, 2007

For those of you keeping track at home....

My Monday so far:

8am - Get up, get ready, mad dash to get house ready for real estate agent, as well as getting Stella ready
9:10am- Real estate agent and client show up
9:13am - Real estate agent and client leave
9-11am -When tile installers are supposed to show up
11:45am- When Tile installers, one who looks to be 12 and one who looks to be 16 (must be the driver) show up. 12 year-old interpreter asks 16 year old "expert" if tile will be finished today and 12 year old says 16 year old said yes. I also could tell 16 year old expert said yes because he said "si". I tell 12 year old "great!" and 16 year old "gracias". All that middle school, high school and college Spanish is really paying off, folks!
12pm-Tile installers leave because they don't have hardy backing to do tile upstairs, even though it is clearly stated on our invoice.
12:30pm-Our Real estate agent calls to say he wants to do open houses Friday, Saturday AND Sunday this weekend. I say, "great, we'll just abuse Tim's parents more. We practically live there now already."
1:42pm-Tile installers still not back.

Chance of getting tile done today? IMHO, hovering somewhere around 2%, with half a percent taken off each half hour that the tile installers don't return.

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Kate said...

Nice! I'm frustrated for you.

Don't worry about inconveniencing the in-laws. They live for that kind of thing.