Sunday, June 17, 2007

The theme for this weekend is...Sleepy

Oh my gosh what a tiring (but fun) weekend we are having so far. I'll go ahead and start with Friday morning where I had my Weight Watchers Weigh-In and found that I lost 4.4 pounds! Then Friday night we went to an open house at this cool mid-century modern house that someone had completely redone up in University Hills. It had a beautiful sunken living room, but the weirdest part was that it was like walking into a party. I thought perhaps it was actually invitation only or something. We walked in and they were like, "there's wine and beer in the laundry room, feel free to take a look around and hang out." People were introducing themselves to each other and talking just like at a party. It was most bizaarre. It was a great house, but it had no garage (it had been converted into a 4th bedroom), and the neighborhood was a bit sketchy. Tim and I had gone to check it out since it was a modern house that wasn't outrageously expensive. The guy running the open house was wearing red pants, red shirt and a red tie and was bald with hip black-rimmed glasses. The place was oozing cool. Tim's theory is that they asked all the white hipsters out to show potential house-buyers, "see, this place isn't just full of minorities, look at all us hip people who live here too!" There was even a young pregnant lesbian couple, it was like an ad in Dwell or something.

Then we found out they haven't poured our slab yet (big disappointment). But then Tim's parents and Christine and Brian came over for fajitas and margaritas. Well, Tim's parents didn't drink the margaritas, of course, but us young folk enjoyed them mightily. Brian even had one, despite the fact that the last time he had had a margarita had been the night Stella was born and he'd vomited black. Eew. That boy is such a trooper;) I should mention that Brian was at a party 150 miles away when Stella was born. His wife was here for the birth of her niece and therefore could not keep her husband from imbibing enough margaritas to turn his puke black. Silly boys, they are so lost without us!

Then yesterday we moved Erin, which was super-exhausting. Somehow I was nominated to drive the U-Haul, and it was the most decrepit thing I have ever been behind the wheel of. Its alignment was absolute shit and the wheel was so loosy-goosey you could just move it back and forth while you were driving with no change in your trajectory. But I felt pretty bad-ass for making the move safely. We got beer and pizza afterwards, which made it all better, but the one beer I drank made me so sleepy I was barely able to drive home! We showered and headed over to Tim's parents where Christine made us a delicious dinner of Steak, mushrooms, rice and salad. Oh, well first I actually took a 15 minute power nap because I could barely sit up straight. That helped. Then we went home and watched some TV before I headed out to Nicole's Birthday party. I figured since I was so tired I'd only last an hour or so. But I didn't plan on the fact that like EVERYONE would be there. This was one of those classic theatre parties where you just cannot leave, it's too much fun! I had a blast and got to hang out with people I hadn't seen in way too long. Such a great time. I got home about 1:30, then this morning slept until 10(!) at which point I lept out of bed and was like, "Tim, Tim, get up from your nap on Stella's floor, we have to get things ready before the open house at noon!" So no church again this week, unfortunately. We got most things ready and went over to Tim's parents where we had lunch with the aforementioned folks plus Ryan and Katie who came to town for a couple of hours. Now we're back over here and we were playing with Stella who was walking up a storm, it was awesome. Now she and Tim are taking a nap while I catch up on blogs and do laundry. Crap, laundry, I completely forgot to put Stella's in the dryer until just now. Which probably means she'll be sleeping in some weird get-up tonight since all her pj's won't be dry. Oh well. In an hour and twenty we head over to Anna and Sean's for movie night. It's finally my choice, I can't wait to see what people think of it. Hopefully they'll like it. It's one of my favorite movies from when I was a kid (but it's not a kid's movie). The theme is last meals.

Wow, that was some meanderings. Oh, the house is still on the market, btw. We've only had 3 showings this week plus the open house. Hopefully that went well. Tile's installed tomorrow, that should be LOTS of fun. Especially since the plumber they told me to call to put the toilets back in is gone on vacation until Tuesday. So I may just be peeing in the bathtub. Whoopie!


Kate said...

It was great seeing you guys for a little while today!

The house looks very cool. I still don't get why people convert garages. Someone in our neighborhood just did it. And you know how little parking there is. I would think that a 3-bedroom with a nice garage would be worth more than a 4-bedroom without one.

Oh, and I love Tim's comment. :)

yer mama said...

Actually I know a number of people that are white and live in that specific neighborhood. Jam and Bruce, Erin from Austin Baby, some Bedlam Folks...

And that cool house is WAY overpriced for that area. With a little creativity, patience and gumption you could buy a comparable house for 145k and have it remodeled with the same red cabinets from Ikea (I love those cabinets).

I am totally anti garage conversion.

Kate said...

P.S. We're seriously considering those red IKEA cabinet doors. I mean, if someone has the guts to buy a red metal house, they'll have the guts to have red cabinets, right? Not that we're looking to move, just thinking a little bit about resale.