Friday, April 13, 2007

Why, oh why do I post on that stupid list?

So I belong to a Yahoo! group that's for moms in Austin. I don't post frequently or with the fervor of a lot of the moms on the list. I don't go to the happy hours or the goddess gatherings or the playgroups (okay, I went to one, but most of them are during Stella's naptime and in strange parts of town). But I skim the digests, post questions when I have them, and answer people's questions when I feel I have some wisdom to impart. I need to stop doing this because apparently I have no wisdom.

First, a week ago, this chick who I knew from yoga, and who annoyed me endlessly in person, and then annoys me often on the list, said she was looking for a house down south but was worried it was "full of gun-toting Republicans" (south austin, not the house). I ignored this comment, and despite the fact that I know that me and this chick are like oil and water, I responded about our great neighborhood, saying "no gun-toting Republicans here. Just a nice, family-oriented neighborhood that is one giant cul-de-sac. We've got a couple of houses for sale." Period, that's it. Well she responds on list "That neighborhood has always weirded me out. I mean, who wants to pattern a neighborhood after Overland Park, Kansas. I mean, the street names are all places from that town which sucks and the main street is the site where settlers "converted" (slaughtered) the indians". I was livid! WTF, insulting someone's home? And what the hell, our neighborhood is not patterned on Overland Park, just the street names and the neighborhood name are. I wouldn't even have known that's where "Overland Park" came from, if my friend Josh, who is from Kansas, hadn't come over and remarked on it. Okay, biotch, whatever, it's on! But I contained my rage because I don't want to be flamed off the list and she's more popular than I am, but I couldn't resist saying, "If street names are more important to you than living in a nice neighborhood, then yes, you should look elsewhere." Or something like that. And then I didn't read the emails for a while because I was actually livid about the whole thing and it cost me some sleep. Ridiculous, huh?

So then today this girl posts about how she's moving from Las Vegas and what are good areas in Austin to live in? She says that her budget is the low $100's (dream on, sister!), and that she wants at least half an acre so they can build on the house. Also, at least 1200 sq. ft. Then she mentions that she's an actor and she would want to teach classes and direct. She said her real estate agent had found places in Leander and Round Rock that fit her budget. So I write a nice email that I thought extensively about, about how Austin keeps going up, up, up in price, which is the bad news, but the good news is that both Round Rock and Leander have active community theatres and that I had a theatre company and would be happy to help her/answer any questions she had about the tight knit theatre community we have here. Well Bitch responds with "I'm Equity, so I can only do professional theatres. I've submitted my resume for teaching at Zach Scott (and some other place I'd never heard of)" Well, okay, good for you, pat yourself on the back! And good luck breaking into the "world of nepotism" that exists at the "professional theatres" in town!

Okay, time for dinner, enough ranting. I am offering no more advice.


dmd said...

email lists suck. When I trained birds, I was on some parrot rescue lists and those people were looney as can be. I think most of them have no other social outlet and so they spend hours posting on the lists, picking apart everything everyone else says, and living in some fantasy world in their heads. Oh, and everyone's and expert and there are serious cliques. I also found that a LOT of the people consistantly lie. Its like middle school without the acne. I stopped reading them about 2 years ago.

Tara said...

Yeah I think I've developed an allergy to lists. I think the biggest problem with them is that "sane" people like us with reasonable things to say know better than to open our mouths. We know that we'll just get smashed by some idiot/bitch/whatever, and that means that those are pretty much the only people speaking up, because they don't squish themselves. ... I think I need more coffee.

jooley_ann said...

Oh man!! I soooooo know what you mean. I actually stopped reading the-list-to-which-you-refer about two months ago because it was making me keerazy. There are some really awesome people, but there are also several who just drive me nuts, and since the latter groups seems to post a LOT, I felt like reading was a waste of time.

And, exactly as dmd said, it seems like a lot of the frequent posters spend all day reading and posting. I mean, some of those folks obviously receive the list on a per-email basis. That's an average of about 3500 message per month. More than a hundred per day. Nuts!

I'm with ya sister. Had I been reading, I'd've totally had your back. :)

yer mama said...

Oh yeah, I cant stand that list. I deleted it from my yahoo groups. There were WAY to many damn morons on that list. Too much noise for my taste. And all that "mama this" and "mama that" got on my nerves after a while. I do know some cool people from that list but that doesnt make it worth it.