Friday, April 20, 2007

Post-Opening and Foot Update

So opening went well last night. We actually had an audience, and a couple of them even laughed, including my friend Christina, who got all the in-theatre jokes because she's an actress. That was really nice. It wasn't my most brilliant performance ever, but definitely went pretty darn smoothly, especially considering that we had only run the whole thing twice! The chick who helps me get dressed did forget to zip my boot, so I did go out in my last scene with a boot kind of flapping out to the side, but that was minor.

I wound up getting in to see a different podiatrist today and he was really nice and thorough. He spent a lot of time with me seeing exactly what hurt. And he diagnosed me. Apparently I have really high arches and so the bone/ligament that connects to my big toe, which is supposed to be doing twice the work of the rest of my toes, is not pulling its weight because it's so much higher because of my high arches. So the ligament in the middle of my foot has finally had it and is screaming in pain. He put a wrap on my foot that is already helping immensely and I'm supposed to see him again in 3 weeks, at which time if the wrap helps, we'll talk about a permanent shoe insert. So the good news is that I know what's wrong finally, the bad news is that it sounds like it is probably a life-long problem:( He also tested my reflexes and apparently I have hyper-reflexes, which combined with my high arches, led him to refer me to a neurologist because that's often a marker for people with neurology problems or something. I think he's just young and going a little overboard. I would prefer not to bother with the neurologist at all, but I figure he'll ask me about it when I go back in 3 weeks, so I guess I'd better try and go. We have definitely been spending a LOT of time in doctor's offices this year!


yer mama said...

mmm tendonitis in the arches. Welcome to the club. You gotta stop wearing shoes with no arch support. Its a permanent problem for me that I started suffering from when I was 15 yrs. I was running track and doing dance and my arches just fell, kaplump. I had special inserts made and had a hard time finding shoes that would work with the inserts. Summer is the worst because you wear open toe shoes which notoriously have no arch support. My birkenstocks have good arch support. BAsically what it meant for me was that the era of cheap shoes was over. And once one foot hurts you start to favor it and then the other foot will hurt too.

And no jogging. I would work on sad, need-new-shoes eyes, and get your parents to take you to Instep on Guadelupe.

And Congrats on a good opening night!

Tara said...

Yeah congratulations on your opening night! I'm glad that your foot pain didn't hamper the show. I was worried for you, but figured I wouldn't say anything out loud and possibly jinx you.

Speaking of feet, I'm glad that you didn't get some quack that said it was all in your head, like a cry for attention or something. And at least it sounds like something that can be treated without surgery, which is always good news.

Hope that you keep getting better!