Wednesday, April 18, 2007

We've got a start date!

First, to Kelli's comment on my last post, does this mean they'll move in with us next? Eek! ;) Although we may actually wind up living with them between when we sell this house and our new house is ready; they generously offered to let us stay there and store all our stuff. Which is really nice. Of course, they bought a 5 bedroom house, so unless they have boarders or something, they should have some extra room.

So Tim finally emailed the sales guy at our new neighborhood to see about when we'd have a start date. We were supposed to hear from them a week and a half ago, but nothing. We call the sales guy Andy, which is short for Andrew McCarthy, who he looks like exactly. He acts like him too, but he's kind of slimy like James Spader. Can you tell we watch a lot of 80's movies? Anyway, they ARE running behind (probably because we've had the wettest Spring ever), and our start date is April 26th. We'll probably meet with the builder Monday or Tuesday. So exciting! I can finally answer people when they ask when is your house going to be ready. Also, we need to get our butts in gear with improvements on this house, we haven't done crap!

Also, can I just say I love Fisher Price? Tim's Mom, Stella and I went to Toys R' Us yesterday and Stella's Baba got Stella her birthday and Christmas gifts, which are so cool! She got a Fisher Price Barn, Fisher Price School Bus, and a set of blocks. The Fisher Price School Bus has a hispanic bus driver named Carlos, an African American kid named Mike and a little white girl named Maggie. They all fit in the wheelchair that comes with the kit. FP is so multi-culti. But all the farmers are white. In fact, I think they're all blond. Weird. So I guess the lesson is that brown children can ride the bus and be differently-abled, but they can't raise cows.


Kate said...

I'm still hoping that being so close to The Precious will make her chill a little. And if not, take off any time she shows up, even if you don't have plans. ;) Stella will love it, Baba will love it, and most important, you will.

Mindy said...

Multi-Culti? Puh-lease. Let me know when they have the little Yanomamo kid with the face paint and the penis sheath and the giant spear and then I'll be impressed. :o)