Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Well, we TRIED to see the Easter Bunny

Stella and I met Anna and Daniel at the mall today, all dolled up and ready to see the Easter Bunny. We arrived and there wasn't a line and the Easter Bunny was standing cooling itself in front of a fan. It (we found out it was a she once It started talking), came over to us and said that there wasn't anyone to take our pictures, they were supposed to be there at 11:30, but here it was after noon and they weren't there. She said we could use our own camera to take a picture if we wanted. I thought I'd go ahead and do that, but then she made the mistake of coming and talking to Stella, who was still in her stroller. Stella eyed her warily, but then the bunny touched her and Stella started wailing a wail she only uses when she's gotten a shot or hit her head. It was quite something. The Bunny moved on to Daniel, who I was sure would have the same reaction. He did. So we apologized to the Bunny, who felt really bad, and went to sit in the food court, calm the kids down, and wait for the Bunny's assistant to show up. I nursed Stella because I'd run out of time to make her lunch before we left the house. She seemed happy and I checked back and it looked like the bunny was still alone. We decided to head back down and decided we'd try again to get the baby's pictures with the Easter Bunny with my camera. We came up with an elaborate system whereby I would place Stella on the Easter Bunny's lap as Anna distracted her from looking behind her and then take a picture and then we'd switch and I'd do the same for Daniel. But as we approached Bunny land on the elevator, we saw the Bunny walk off into the distance. I think she'd finally gotten fed up. We waited for a few minutes and up walked a woman and her three-year old little boy. She said she'd been there since 9:30! Apparently no one ever showed up that morning, and a manager had been calling to try and find someone to take pictures, and they were supposed to show up at 11:30, but obviously never did (it was 20 to one at this point). The lady said she lived in Kyle which was, "hardly Alaska" but far enough that she didn't want to give up. She'd been shopping and even gotten her son's haircut. She said the Bunny had been letting parents take pictures on his chair and on the set. So we took some pictures on the Bunny's throne. But no Bunny. That's okay, both Anna and I agreed that we knew there was a good chance the kids would freak and we wouldn't be able to get a picture of them on its lap. We still got some adorable shots, especially the ones of both of them on the chair together. And I saved some scratch:)
Speaking of scratch, Tara read my post about Fredericksburg and asked if we wanted to go there Friday since she also had Friday off. Tim and I weren't sure because we felt guilty spending dough, even though it sounded like fun. Then my parents sent us a little money in our Easter card to "go out to eat for Easter". Thanks Mom and Dad! So we're going, guilt-free. Good Friday indeed!

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jooley_ann said...

Awww! That's such a cute photo! And...Stella has a clip in her hair! ;)