Thursday, April 05, 2007

This Morning's Time Waster

From Kelli's blog, Favorites Meme:

1)Color: Purple
2)Food: pizza
3)Musical Group: The Smiths
4)Song Right Now: Smile by Lily Allen. It gets stuck in your head like a fungus
5)Movie: Drugstore Cowboy, Singles, Reality Bites
6)Sport: The Olympics?
7)Season: Spring, which is like February in Texas
8)Day of the Week: Friday
9)Ice Cream Flavor: Amy’s Ice Cream dark chocolate with strawberries
10)Person: Tim

1)Current Mood: Procrastination. I should go clean the kitchen, but Tim’s working at home today and I like to be in the same room with him. Also, at any moment Stella will wake up from her nap, so I don’t want to start something.
2)Current Scent: I’ve worn The Body Shop’s Vanilla oil. since I was in high school.
3)Current Clothes: old navy jeans with the hem ripping out and my very pilly old navy light blue shirt with the dark blue flower, ¾ sleeves.
4)Current Desktop: It’s supposed to be a cute picture of Stella, but I can never get it to work, I don’t know why. So it’s just a dark blue background.
5)Current Ringtone on Cell Phone: don’t have one.
6)Current Music: the sound of Tim playing some video game. He’s working hard:)
7)Current Time: 11:29am
8)Current Surrounding: I’m on the bed in the office and Lucy’s totally messed up the covers by burrowing into them.
9)Current Event Happening Today: I’m going to see “My Child, My Child, My Alien Child” at Hyde Park tonight with Anna. I’m debating over taking Stella to get some shoes, but that probably won’t happen.

1)First Best Friend: Tara, we were friends from like 3-6 until I moved.
2)First Kiss: Josh, my best friend turned boyfriend turned best friend again when his boyfriend called to tell me Josh was gay. Homecoming my freshman year. A yearbook photographer forced us to kiss, and it was so fast, he actually caught us after the kiss and it looks like Josh’s tongue is hanging out. Yes folks, my first kiss is in the yearbook. People were always coming up to me and saying, “Are you the girl who…?” Yes, yes that was me. And I explained a thousand times what happened and why the tongue was hanging out but they didn’t believe me!3)First Screen Name: I don’t know what that means?
4)First Pet: We had goldfish, but the first I really remember was Beaker, a hamster I got when I was 6, I think.
5)First Piercing: My Ears, age 7. They hurt, so I let them close up and got them re-pierced later.
6)First Crush: Brad Goertz, 2nd grade.
7)First Music: Well, I loved Blondie’s Auto American, which my parents got when I was about 3.
8)First Car: A 1981 Ford Fairmont, magenta colored and named Magenta for the Rocky Horror Picture Show.

1)Last Class: Hmm, does Sunday School Count? We went to the Perspectives class at our church until December when Stella switched her nap to coincide with Sunday school. Before that it was Baby Care Basics the month before Stella was born.
2)Last Drink: decaf coffee
3)Last Trip: Houston for Christmas. But we’re going to Fredericksburg tomorrow. Whoo-hoo!4)Last Kiss: Tim, last night before we went to sleep.
5)Last Movie Seen at the Theater: Children of Men.
6)Last Phone Call: Left a message for Anna to remind her of the play tonight.
7)Last CD Played: Full cd? Hmm, I think it was Franz Ferninand’s first album.

1)Have you ever dated one of your best guy friends? Yes, see Josh in kissing story above.
2)Have you ever broken the law? Yes
3)Have you ever been arrested? No
4)Have you ever skinny-dipped? Yes.
5)Have you ever been on TV? Yes, I was on the news for the breastfeeding rally at the Capitol a month or two ago, but I didn’t see it.
6)Have you ever kissed someone you didn’t know? No.

1) 1 thing you?re wearing: blue beaded bracelet Anna gave me as a thank you for her baby shower.
2)1 thing you?ve done today: tickle Stella to make her giggle
3)1 thing you?re bothered by: George W. Bush’s arrogance
4)1 thing you can?t live without: music
5)1 thing you do when you?re bored: read gossip sites like Defamer and Superficial

3)The Carribbean

1) Tim
2) My Mom
3) Anna

1)Black or White? Black
2)Hot or Cold? cold.

Own a theatre so we can do plays whenever we want to, not whenever we can get a slot at someone else’s theatre.


Kelli in the Mirror said...

Yay! I always don't tag you because I think you might not want to do another meme. But you do! I love that!
And what's with us kissing people who turn out to be gay? I thought I was the only one that happened to. :)

Mindy said...

They got me too, then. Vicente Amil Estes who was my bestest friend from 5yrs old on thru to Jr High. Maybe we should start a club.