Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Fast Blog

So I won't be blogging as much and haven't been because I'm really concentrating on working on my script for Anton. We open next Thursday, a week and two days, eek! Also, Stella's being a bit clingy. But I missed forcing my random thoughts on others, so rather than working on my script, I'll blog quickly and in no particular order:

1) "Prayerfully Consider _______" This is our church's guilt card. They're always using it to try and guilt us into doing things, as in, "prayerfully consider donating more money to our church (so we don't go under)" or "prayerfully consider chairing one of our 2,000 committees that we have for a membership of 100", or the latest from my friend Todd who is moving to Mexico in May with his family, "prayerfully consider taking over my sunday school class after I move." I was all set just to respond with no, are you crazy?, I have tons going on and that is Stella's nap time, but then I got to that line in his email and so now I have to "prayerfully consider" it first. We're kind of annoyed at our church right now. Easter Sunday had lots of beautiful music, but prior to that they'd been putting aside the hymns for very simple "contemporary" songs. Blech. Also, we've been having to read the Lord's Prayer off the overhead because they've decided to do a more contemporary version. That actually may drive me to another church if they keep that up. I like the fact that no matter where you go, almost everyone can recite the Lord's Prayer from Memory. I think it's really beautiful.

2) Stella has a love/hate relationship with limes I'll have to get the video up eventually, but while we were in Fredericksburg, Tara gave her a lime. Stella kept licking it, and then like shivering because it was so tart, but then she'd lick it again. It was adorable.

She also had sausage and mashed potatoes, both for the first time, and she ate them up like they were crack. Tim couldn't cut up the sausage with the butter knife fast enough. AND she got to enjoy her first Oompa band. Here she is throwing back her water as Tara throws back her beer. Sausage makes you thirsty! Stella was incredibly well behaved and we had a really fun roadtrip. Yay for sausage and beer and good friends!

3) More mysterious ailments This time it's my foot. It has been hurting for about the past week. I don't remember injuring it in any way, and at first I thought it was just because I'd been wearing really cheap flat flip flops too much. But then yesterday it started to get really bad, like I couldn't put weight on it, so I made a doctor's appointment, and then today it was swollen a little bit on top. So they did xrays, but nothing's broken. Basically, something's probably irritated and the doctor gave me a prescription for prescription strength Aleve. If it's still hurting in two weeks, I have to go to a podiatrist. Great timing, I don't have enough going on right now. I'm hoping it gets better soon because it's really sucking. It's beautiful outside and Stella and I are going stir-crazy, but no walk or run for us:(

4) An amendment to my last post I said I'd never kissed a stranger. Actually, when I auditioned for Two Gentlemen of Verona a few years ago, Norman told me to run across the room and kiss the actor I was auditioning with. The poor kid looked terrified as I came at him, but I did kiss him. And he was definitely a stranger. And for all my trouble, I earned about 4 lines of dialogue. Go figure.


yer mama said...

Dr. Golf on James Casey is a great Foot fetish doctor. Been seeing him since I was 15.

yer mama said...

Oh and those lime photos are awesome!

Tara said...

Sorry to hear about your foot, that's sucky! I hope that it gets better quickly. It can't be any fun having a kid becoming more mobile as you become less so.

I love the pictures! That lime pic came out great. Although the beer shot does make me think that I need more sun. :)

Kelli in the Mirror said...

Love the lime picture. We used to give Gillian lemons and the same thing would happen.

As far as the "prayerfully considering" thing goes, I hate it too. However, I have found that when I'm really praying and listening, sometimes God will tell me to do things I never would have considered on my own. So I do think it's a legitimate thing to ask church members to do.

I still hate it though. Mostly I just want to say NO and not get involved. Because I'm a scrooge like that.