Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Thriftiness and Stella is Cool, man!

So Stella now gives us high fives. It is really cool. She thinks it's funny too. You'll hold up your hands and say, "High five!" and she slaps your hands. It's awesome! She also chooses what to wear each day, at least when I bother to give her a choice. She always points to it so passionately too, and her eyes totally light up, like, "oh, I love this outfit, I'm so glad I can wear it. That other thing is a rag." Even though you know she doesn't really care what she wears, as long as it's comfortable.

Speaking of Stella, she went in for her 12-month check-up yesterday and is 30" tall (75-90%), 22 lbs (50-75%) and I think her head is 45cm (50%), although I'm too lazy to go check the actual figure. She's been 22lbs for a while now (I think since she went in for her ear infection in February), but apparently that's not odd, since she'll only be gaining 5 lbs her entire second year!

Tim found out yesterday he has Friday, Good Friday off. So exciting, an extra surprise day off! It's especially exciting since we have to work the Co-op at our church Saturday night, so we won't be having too much fun that night. There was a proposal to do Easter crafts with the kids. I hope that fails. The only thing I'm more scared of than a room full of rambunctious children is a room full of rambunctious children with scissors. Seriously, though, there are a lot of fun kids and I actually do enjoy playing with them, even if it's exhausting. Two of the more energy-sapping sets of siblings (both boy/girl twins), won't be there, so it will be a bit easier. Although the know-it-all never shut-up, play with me now! 10 year-old will be there.

But, anyway, when I first found out Tim had Friday off, I started thinking of how we could spend the day, maybe drive to Fredericksburg and have some pints and some sausage, since I don't nurse Stella from 1-11pm, so I could get snockered:) It feels like forever since we got out of town (it has been). Then I realized that we were in saving, penny-pinching mode and that I had earlier in the day said that we were in super-frugal mode because we spent $200 over the weekend on stuff for this house (new doorknobs for the entire house, grass seed which we are actually watering on schedule so far), and $46 on Roxie's expensive dog food that keeps her from having bloody diarrhea all over the carpet that we need to keep clean (sorry to be so graphic). But we're doing really, really well so far and I'm cautiously optimistic that we'll be able to have a 20% down payment between savings and selling this house so we don't have to pay the dreaded mortgage insurance to the tune of $100/month. That's a ridiculous rip-off, let me tell you. Even though we've been paying our mortgage on time every month for the last 6 years, we have to pay $54 a month until the ratio of what we owe to the total cost of the house reaches a certain value. Even though our credit is, as the loan officer said yesterday, "fantastic" we still have to pay this bogus insurance. Speaking of the loan officer, hip-hip-hooray for good credit! I don't know why in our society your worth as a person is judged by your credit score, but apparently it is, so I'm a good person. Even if I raised pitbulls for dog fights, as long as I keep the correct number of accounts open with the correct amount of balances which are paid on time every month, I can qualify for just about anything I want. God Bless America!

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Tara said...

Highfives and down payments for the win! That's just great news all the way around.

Congrats on having an extra weekend-day this week. We're getting that here too. It's always a nice surprise to get a 3 day weekend.