Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Walking, Walking, Walking

On happier news, Stella is pushing her little push-toy all over the place. She just pushes it where she wants to go while she walks, doesn't matter if it's facing the right way or not, she just forces it. It's adorable. I think she's going to walk any day now, and then, watch out!

Also, she discovered how to pull the water filter out of the fridge. How, I have no clue, it just looks like part of the fridge, but apparently not to a baby.

Roxie has not learned to get out of the way when Stella comes at her with the push-toy. Poor old, senile, deaf Roxie.


Tara said...

Don't give that girl a license any time soon. I swear, women drivers!

Kate said...

I love the internet! She's fabulous and as her aunt, I have to defend her and say it's the fault of the push toy and its wheels.

How did she figure out how to pull out the filter? I lived with her father as a small person. Do I need to say more?