Thursday, September 27, 2007

It's Eating me Alive!

There is a mosquito in here and I cannot catch him but he is having an all-you-can-eat buffet on me. I have gotten at least 3 bites in the last 15 minutes or so. I hate mosquitos.

This morning I decided to go through my closet and purge some of the clothes that don't fit me anymore. Tim and I are currently sharing a smaller than we're used to closet at his parent's house, so there's no reason to waste valuable space with clothes that look more like a tent than something you'd wear. I tried a few things on that fit me pre-pregnancy and they were comically large. Like I could have stuck Stella in there and used it as a cheap baby-carrier. So even though the scale says I have about a pound to go to my pre-pregnancy weight, I'm obviously already past it, especially since I'm in a whole size smaller than I was pre-pg. I think that the scale I was using pre-pregnancy and during my pregnancy was obviously really bad. I just continued to use it because it showed a weight much lower than the digital (and probably actually accurate), scale I bought during pregnancy. I had a complicated formula I would use to figure out my weight by using both scales. Pathetic, I know. But it felt really good to purge some stuff and hopefully I can get a few bucks at Buffalo Exchange for the few pairs of Levis and Gap jeans and pants I'm getting rid of. The rest are going into another rubbermaid bin to be pulled out as I grow and shrink with future babies.

I don't think I ever blogged about this, but right before our vacation I had a weird itchy rash on my forearm just above my wrist. I finally went to the doc because it was driving me crazy and he said it was poison ivy, gave me some steroid cream and it pretty much cleared up. Well it's back. Very odd. I've been using the steroid cream as directed, and I can't believe I would get Poison Ivy again in the same exact place. It's a series of pink little bumps. I noticed it getting bumpy again last night while I was wearing one of my bracelets, one I've worn for about 10 years, so it doesn't make since that I suddenly have a reaction. But I definitely won't be wearing it for a while. Sad, since it's my favorite and I always get lots of compliments on it. Hopefully the rash will go away again. I think I'm only supposed to use the cream through tomorrow, so I might need to call the doc and see if I can continue to use it past then. It is a steroid cream and I don't want to start growing a moustache or see my boobs shrink any further past where they already have due to my weight loss;)

Wow, is this a rambling post or what? I also never blogged about the really cool modern furniture store Tim and I went to Saturday. It's in Kyle, of all places, but it actually has some things I could see myself being able to afford. It's more expensive than Ikea, but also probably much better quality, and it certainly doesn't reach the insane price tag of Design Within Reach (reach of who, oil magnates?), or Copenhagen. We really loved this chair, and it was quite comfy and definitely comparable to an Ikea chair price. They also had the coolest sofa that converted into a sleeper. Great for when your friends have a little too much to drink and need to spend the night or for kids to sleep on. It was only $699 or something like that in the store, though. In fact, a lot of the prices seemed to be lower in the store. But it got me really excited about decorating the new house. I want to go modern. And it feels like this time we already have furniture so we can take our time and get one piece here, one piece there, so that we can make the house look how we want. I can't wait!

We haven't been to the house in a week because of my rehearsals, so hopefully we can go tomorrow and see what they've done. It looks like from the road that they are already putting shingles on! The word from Jamie is that they are going to be putting the mechanicals in the next two weeks. We're still on for a November close date, too. Keep your fingers crossed for a dry fall!


Anonymous said...

If they put the roof on, I'm hoping it won't really matter if it rains or not...

Kate said...

If you buy that chair, I will steal it. Okay, maybe I could buy my own, but it would be more fun to threaten to steal yours.

I am so with you on DWT. Whose reach?!?

dmd said...

Did you wear the bracelet outside or around the time that you got the rash? its possible that the Poison Ivy oil could still be on it and thats what caused you to break out again. My mom gets it from the dog sometimes. Neither my brother nor I are allergic to it so we can walk right through it. Odd since we're bot allergic to everything else. How's that for TMI?