Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Awesome weekend

Wow, it's already Thursday and I'm just now getting around to blogging about last weekend. What can I say? We've had auditions this week and Stella has decided napping is for losers. Anyway, better late than never.

We had a GREAT Labor Day Weekend, which I think we really deserved with all the stress in our lives lately. Saturday we went to the Holmeses for their housewarming/last party in their apartment. It was a great party, with good beer, absolutely delicious food, and great conversation. Jeff made the most heavenly grilled chicken and pork and Erin made spicy grilled pineapples that were so spicy I couldn't even eat it, which says something, since I love the spice! Everyone had a great time, although the babies were starting to melt down by the time we left.

The baby band photo. Stella, of course, is the prima donna singer

We went back to home base and had dinner with Christine and Brian, who were in town to see Brian's family, but were spending the night at the Thomas house. That was fun, but unfortunately way too short because we had another party to get to! We went to a party at Nicole's, which, unfortunately, was populated almost entirely by musical theatre people which meant that a) they made me tired, and b) they talked almost exclusively about musicals, which I know nothing about. Luckily there were a few folks to have some good conversations with, but mostly it was a bust. No pictures from that shindig.

Sunday morning we went to church for the first time in a few weeks and actually, gasp, enjoyed ourselves! Even though church ran over by 22 minutes, (but who's counting?), it was a laid-back fun service without the guilt that I feel like they've been heaping on lately. Also, we've both been kind of soured on religion lately because we're living with the super-Christians. Then Sunday we went to another fantastic party, a pool party at Karen and Jennie's. It was so much fun. Everyone was there and Stella just loved being in the pool. Tim spent the entire time keeping Stella entertained, although he did have some help from Karen. He was like super-dad. And I got totally wasted without meaning to. Some guy poured me a giant glass of wine and after that I was toast. Wow, I sound like a teenager. Anyway we stayed until Stella was wiped out. Swimming in the rain

Monday we didn't really have a plan, other than to go drive and do something. Our initial plan had been to drive to Llano for some delicious Cooper's barbecue, but then, due to my inebriated state, I'd blown all my extra points at Karen and Jennie's. Well really, at all 3 of the parties that weekend. So instead we decided to drive to Salado. Tara and Jeff invited us over for barbecue, but we were just so partied out and really wanted to spent time as a family. Plus I had no points left and I know I would have had a hard time being good if Jeff had grilled more of what he made Saturday.

Salado was "eh". We figured all the shops would be open because it was Labor Day, but they were all closed, either because of the holiday or because it was a Monday. Plus, Stella didn't really want to sit in her stroller, so we either had to carry her or let her walk. And there was absolutely no eating establishments open, so when Stella's snack time came, we had to leave. But we actually still had a really nice time. When we first got there, we stopped at a park so that I could go to the bathroom and Stella could blow off some steam. Stella had a blast on the playground. Then we went over to the water, which was just beautiful. We couldn't believe there was this free park right on the water. Because we didn't have swimsuits, Stella and I waded in a little. Stella loved it, and in fact, threw a huge fit when it was time to go.

So that's pretty much the re-cap. Tonight we're going to go to the new house and walk through the frame! Tim went last night while I was at rehearsals, but of course, I have to go too. Maybe they'll have the second story framed by then. Keep your fingers crossed!

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Be very glad you didn't get to hit the Dairy Queen.