Sunday, September 16, 2007

Greetings from Port A!

My plan was not to touch my computer while we were here, but Tim decided to check and see if we had free wireless late this afternoon and, for better or worse, we discovered that we do indeed have it. So we've been wasting the last hour on our computers while drinking a pre-dinner Lone Star Tall boy. Actually, not a bad way to spend the time before dinner.

We are having a great time doing NOTHING! We swim in the ocean, then the pool, then the hot tub, then sit outside on our balcony watching the waves roll in and then we come in and watch some completely mindless CABLE TV (I am so addicted to "Tori and Dean: Inn Love, btw), and then we sleep late and then we do it all over again. So relaxing and so much fun. Tim has decided he wants to move to Corpus, and we both decided we want to open a Bed and Breakfast and host gay weddings (Tori and Dean had one on their show and it made us get all teary because it was so sweet.) Of course, we want to get our daughter before we start our new life on the mainland. We miss her terribly. It's really bad at night, we both feel like if we just got one hug from her, we'd be fine. I think we would have driven home today if we hadn't already paid for tonight. But I think we need one more dinner out, some drinks in the hot tub and the pool, and another dip in the ocean tomorrow morning before we head back. As much as we miss Stella, it has been WONDERFUL just hanging out the two of us, reconnecting and doing whatever the heck we feel like doing. I recommend it for everyone!


Mindy said...

Sounds like an excellent way to reconnect sans kiddo. These moments are important so roll around in them and soak them up.

Sarah said...

Do I need to get on the waiting list now for one of those gay weddings? Or do I get to be first because you've known me for so long. :oP