Friday, September 28, 2007

My Child's Doll is Slowly Poisoning Her!

We've been fortunate so far that none of Stella's toys have turned up on the recall list. This doesn't mean that she hasn't been exposed to lead in any of her toys, mind you, just that they haven't been caught yet. Until today. I clicked on the link to Daddy Types and there, next to a sign that said "Contains Lead" was the doll that my grandmother gave Stella for Christmas. Truly frightening sight. I cannot tell you how many times Stella put that damn doll's pacifier in her own mouth. So goodbye Stella's first doll, we have to send you to the landfill now where you will continue to live unbroken down for 1,000's of years.
In happier times: The poisoning begins
R.I.P Creepy Dollar Store doll, aka Stella's first doll


Kate said...

Does that mean she needs a new dolly? Because Aunt Kate is here to hook her up. And it won't have creepy eyebrows like that other one. Oh well, great-grandmas are allowed to get creepy dolls. Think of the scary dolls they grew up with!

Eva said...

I stumbled onto your blog through a comment on Sweet Juniper about the alphabet books while I was trying to find a way to buy one. For a split second, I got chills, because my 27 month old daughter is named Stella, and you quoted Dr. Suess' ABC book, which is her favorite thing in the world. I've memorized it too. Weird, huh?

Squish said...

Did you toss this doll yet or do you still have it. I am creating a collecton of these recalled toys for a photo and exibit. They will NOT end up in another childs hand nor with they end up in the landfill and I will pay shipping.