Friday, July 27, 2007

Why, exactly, would we want to do that?

Well, we had the inspection day before yesterday and they are sending over an amendment this morning with some "minor fixes". Boy is this guy cheap. He says the sink drains in the downstairs and master baths aren't draining. Fine, I'll go buy $3.00 worth of draino or plunger it for free and fix it. He says that there is some weatherstripping problems around the garage door. Fine, I'll spend $4 bucks maximum on caulk and fix it. Then he says that we are missing the electric eyes that detect if someone is passing under the garage door. That is ridiculous, they are totally there and there is no way in hell I'm paying someone for more. Nuh uh. And the last, and this is the big one, is that apparently he says there is a place where "vermin" are getting in the attic. Vermin? I don't have no freakin' vermin, a-hole!

Well, this guy's deadline to cancel was last night at midnight, so I asked our realtor, point blank, what incentive do we have to fix this stuff? And he said, well this buyer could drop dead tomorrow and then we have to put it back on the market another buyer would find the exact same stuff. And I said, well then, why don't we just wait to see if it has to go back on the market to fix it and he said to fix it would create "good will with the buyer." Is this guy looking out for my interests or the buyers? What the hell do I care if I have good will with the buyer? He is getting our house for nearly $10k less than our original asking price, and he insulted me with an initial offer $13k below our reduced asking price. Why doesn't he spend some of that money he's saving to fix the "vermin problem." I really cannot believe that he is expecting us to fix this stuff. What an cheap a-hole. And I can't believe, even more, that our realtor is expecting us to fix it! Let the buyer spend several hundred dollars on getting a pest control guy out here!

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Jooley Ann said...

Wow! That is UNbelievable. Those are the most nickly-dimey things I have EVER heard a buyer bitching about. I had an inspector tell me once, "Most attics have had some kind of mice and other vermin. It's really not anything to freak out about." This guy is spazzing b/c there's a POSSIBILITY of vermin due to some little hole? Give me a break.

And IMO your realtor is nuts. You "have to put it back on the market another buyer would find the exact same stuff"?? Bull!! If I were buying your house and this stuff was the WORST an inspector could find? I'd be beyond thrilled and I wouldn't mention any of it.

It sounds to me like your house is in GREAT shape. So, yeah, I think you should be as frustrated as you sound!

House buying and selling sucks. You're reminding why I don't want to do it again for a reeeeally long time. :)