Wednesday, July 25, 2007

The House

So I still haven't posted about Stella's trauma, I guess I just don't want to go there anymore, so I'll post about our house sale instead, which is traumatic enough. Our realtor presented the offer Saturday afternoon before last and, sure enough, it was insultingly low, about $13k below our asking price. So we countered almost in the middle, coming down more ourselves than having them come up, and they accepted. Of course, we tried to counter a 60 day close, but they insisted on the 30 day close. So we have to be out of here by August 14th. Of course, the guy buying our house is from California. And he SAYS he's relocating here, but you just know he's an investor and our beautiful house will be turned into a rental and I feel really sorry for our neighbors if that is the case.

The house inspection was this morning. Our realtor said it should take an hour to an hour and a half, so I came back after two hours and there was still a car parked out front. I circled the neighborhood, called the machine and there wasn't a message, and decided maybe it was someone visiting the neighbors. So I opened the garage to put boxes in that I had gotten from Tim's parents house and noticed there was a ladder in the walkway. Oops! So obviously they were still there and I hopped back in the car and went back to Tim's parents house.

Apparently Tim's Grandmother offered Tim's parents' her crack at a timeshare, which has to be used by October, so his Mom and I looking online at those. I'm really pulling for the beach, which is where Tim and I were planning on going anyway, so that we can split the week with them hopefully and save some money while staying in a nice place. Tim's Mom, though, kind of wants a place in the hill country so that Tim's Dad can commute to work from there if he has a job by then. We'll just have to see what happens! We'd be happy to split some time in the hill country too if it's only $200 for the whole week!

I'm pissed at our real estate agent again, though. I went to his office to drop off some paperwork this morning and some guy copied stuff for me and said that he'd talked to Paul and they only needed the copy of something they had asked for. Then I get home and lo and behold, the closing guy emails me to say that they need the original. So I called Paul to bitch and he totally blamed it on the nice guy who did him a favor and copied the stuff for me! Can you believe it? I hate it when people don't accept blame. Just accept blame and apologize, even if it's not your fault, don't give me excuses. And he didn't even offer to come pick it up from me. So I have to go back up there this afternoon. Tim said, "I'm glad he's only getting 3% off of us!" I agree, although I think that's why he's not doing as much work for us, since he's not getting that other 3% off a house we buy.

So keep your fingers crossed that the inspection doesn't turn up anything we need to repair. This guy has so low balled us that we are not going to pay for any of his repairs, but I have a feeling he's a nickel and dimer. The option period ends tomorrow at midnight, so we'll see what happens between now and then!

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Kate said...

Argh! Realtors can be so infuriating. You pay them thousands and they act like doing anything for you is such an inconvenience. I hope everything works out.