Sunday, July 22, 2007

I'm Back in Business!

Me dropping my new laptop like it's hot. Did I mention it has a webcam?
I am typing this blog on my brand new laptop! I couldn't take it anymore and gave in and got a new one. I knew my adoring fans were just waiting with baited breath to find out what Julie and her clan were up to, and I needed to be able to post at any time without having to worry about Stella destroying the office or turning off the monitor every 2 seconds.

After a little debate and some research on Tim's part, I got an HP with 2 GB of Ram and a 160 GB hard drive. It actually originally came with only 1 GB of Ram, but Tim convinced me to get that extra gig. And he actually talked me through installing it. In fact, I bought this laptop pretty much on my own since Tim was chasing Stella all over CompUSA. I feel like such a geek:) And I mean that as a good thing!

Of course, I may wind up with burns on my palms from this thing. It is H-O-T! And I don't mean that like, "I am Paris Hilton and I am HOT!" but more like, "call the fire department, this thing is on fire!" Tim tells me this is due to the Centrino Duo processor. Unfortunately, like I said, I didn't do the research on this thing, I left it up to Tim, so perhaps it serves me right if it is too hot to type on. Sigh, you just can never get the perfect thing, can you?

But it is very pretty. The outside is black and glossy and has these really subtle grey waves on it. I wanted a red one from Dell, but it was more expensive and, besides, I wouldn't have had it in my hot little hands (ha!) immediately like I do now. I also considered dropping some serious dough on an IBook, but I played around with Tim's Mom's which her shady Russian friend bought her and I decided the screen was too small and web browsing bit. So despite the fact that I would be "cooler" if I had it, and the fact that I was totally in love with the PhotoBooth program on it, I decided to save about $350 or so bucks and get this guy. This baby gets to REALLY flex its muscles next Friday night at Slapdash 4. Hopefully it will make me proud like my old laptop at Slapdash 3 (R.I.P.) and the previous laptops that I borrowed for Slapdashes 1 and 2.

Lots and lots and lots has gone down in the last week and I will update in subsequent posts. I just feel like each one of these earthshattering developments deserves its own post!

In the meantime, anybody want a grilled cheese? I can heat it up right here on my keyboard!


Josh said...

I'll take a grilled cheese sandwich. You should've gone the Mac route. Once you go Mac, you'll never turn back. Look for my next post on from an iPhone!

dmd said...

I bought an HP that sounds similar to yours a few months ago. Mine never gets hot though. I really like it, but Vista takes a bit of getting used to. If you insert a flashdrive a cool thing pops up that asks if you want to use any of the space for ReadyBoost. You can add up to 1GB of RAM with just a flash drive.
The black glossy cover is pretty, but the fingerprints drive me insane. Enjoy it!

Kate said...

Very, very nice! I love the webcam! And of course the fact that you'll blog more now. :)

If it gives you heat-rash on your lap area, IKEA sells these little lap desks that are super cool. I have one and I love it.