Monday, July 23, 2007

I Cheated-

On my hairstylist, that is. And I don't feel bad at all! I went to Tamara at Innu**, Ashley's hairstylist, who gave her a fabulous pixie cut and only charges $30 BUCKS! Yes, you read that right, that is not a typo, she only charges $30. And she spent an entire hour with me making sure my cut was perfect, that I had what I wanted and that I knew how to style it. She spent twice as long with me as my old hairstylist and charged half as much. Plus they'll do a recut if you don't like anything or trim your hairline or bangs inbetween cuts FOR FREE! I went with an asymmetrical* cut - Tim, you better be happy;) It turned out really well. Now I just need to dye it. It was also nice to be able to understand her perfectly (my old hairstylist was from Taiwan and I sometimes would just smile and nod because I couldn't understand what she was saying), and she didn't feel the need to talk the entire time or pressure me to have another baby-like Betty, my old stylist. And now I can actually get my hair cut when it needs it, instead of waiting at least 8 weeks because I feel guilty spending all that dough. Yay!
I do feel a bit guilty that Betty will think I died or something, but I'm sure she'll get the hint that her last price raise from $48 to $60 was what did it.
*It's only slightly asymmetrical right now because it wasn't quite long enough to do anything dramatic. We're going to grow it out to be asymmetrical, me and Tamara-together.
**If you use my name as your referral, after 3 referrals I'll get a free travel sized product. So please do that!


yer mama said...

I was wondering how that went. Your hair looks great! Tamara is so very friendly, AND she remembered me even tho it was 7 months between my visits! I am just so stinkin' excited I found her! I hope she stays a long time!

Jooley Ann said...

Dig the haircut! Dig the new trend of self-ports from the webcam! All too cool. And btw, you look great!

Yeah, I left a stylist once w/o telling him. I felt terrible about it for weeks. I even had bad dreams. Isn't that ridiculous??? I love my new stylist. She cuts Joni's and Leanne's hair, and I've been dying to get in w/her for YEARS but she wasn't take new clients. She finally took me on when I was PG. I think that did it -- the pregnancy factor. Teehee!

Anonymous said...

Aye-chi-womba! That is a nice haircut.

Kate said...

Beautiful! I wish I looked that fabulous with short hair. Ah well. I will live vicariously through you. I totally like the asymmetrical thing.

Oh, it took me forever to figure out what you meant with the title of your post. I am not smart.

Mindy said...

Oooooh, look who's the striking vixen now?

Congrats on having the cojones to do the short hair thing. After the Dorothy Hammil incident of 1987, I'll never have short hair again.