Friday, July 27, 2007

Slapdash 4 is well under way!

So I've finished my first draft of my script for Slapdash and I need a little break. Sleepiness is already taking hold even though it's only 10 to 2. I can't wait for 3 when we get to all share our scripts and hopefully I'll get a couple of new ideas from the other folks. So far it's already shaping up to be another exciting year, full of curve balls.

First, we got to the theatre a little after 9, only to discover that the water was off. Bill called Blake and he assured us that they were doing construction in the area and they'd been turning the water off interminently. He said they usually knock on the door first, but probably because it was late at night they'd figured no one was there and had just turned it off. About midnight, Brandon called to check and see when the water would be turned back on. Maybe he'd just floated a big one he needed to flush down or something, he didn't say. The city said that the water had been turned off for non-payment. WHAT????!!!!! So there was momentary panic and total loss of what we'd been doing. For some reason it was decided I would call Blake, but then Travis pointed out that perhaps we could ask someone in LGT that was not trying to finish a script in 3 hours to call him and handle it. So I called poor Bill and I believe woke him up and asked him to harrass Blake. He did and called me back to say that Blake had sworn up and down that he had paid the bill and that he would call the city and get it taken care of. So hopefully by the morning when we have 23 additional people showing up, there will be working toilets. I shudder to think if not. Well, it's always something around here I suppose. At least it wasn't the electricity!

Paul also told Tim he needed a laptop, but Tim neglected to pass the word along, so when Paul spoke up at 10pm, there was a mad dash to call Ian who saved the day once again by swinging by with his laptop.

It's really weird writing surrounded by posters of all these gay male porn stars. Okay, we're not literally surrounded by them since we're in the theatre and it's not like the walls are plastered with them in here, but out in the hall there are super-pecs all over the place. I picked up a book in the lobby called "Eye Candy" with a young man with a peppermint in his mouth and as soon as I opened it I was assaulted with some man business, taking up nearly an entire page. Oh my goodness!

Well, I suppose I should go back to trying to do rewrites. It's tedious, but I know that if I have the time I really should keep re-tweaking. It will only make the script better. It's a short script, only 8 and a half pages, but I just don't think I can make it longer without adding filler. I just peaked at Tim's screen and he has 17 pages, so I guess I can balance him out!

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