Thursday, July 12, 2007

The Update is that there is no update

So I finally got around to emailing our Newmark salesperson that we call "Andy" because he looks (and acts) like Andrew McCarthy of such fine 80's cinema as Pretty in Pink, Less than Zero, Mannequin and of course, Weekend at Bernie's. This is Andy's response:

"Yes it does feel like we are moving at a snails pace currently. Just to give you a little update since we are finally moving again. They started to install the gas lines down Amur and they will continue with this until they go down Independence. They are supposed to be done by Friday. If that is the case then we will start to install curbs shortly after this. Once we do get curbs down then we will start building houses again. I would have to estimate your guys house being complete in November to December. That would be a safe estimate. We will be able to give a little better idea of dates once we get to actually start building again and they are put on a regular schedule. I will be able to start sending you guys regular updates at that point."

So they are not even building houses anymore? WTF? I emailed him because Tim and I were considering whether we should take our house off the market, but honestly, I don't think either of us have the stomach for that. To go through the whole rigamarole again would just be too much. Plus, Tim heard that ARM rates may be going up again, so there may be more foreclosures and we don't want our price to drop further. Sigh. I am sick of running out of the house in a mad scramble, but of course being able to hold on to our house as long as possible would be great too. We may try to get an apartment, although I don't know if it's even possible to lease an apartment for that short of a time. It's just that's a long time to live with Tim's parents.

I cannot believe we are going through the house building thing again AND it's going to take even longer than this one did. Although we feel better about it actually because at least we're prepared, we know in advance what we're in for. Honestly, I just want to be in by Christmas. Stella will actually be aware of things this Christmas and I would hate for her to have to celebrate it at someone's else's house or in an apartment. But we just really love this house and think it's worth waiting for. I still hope that they speed things up a lot and once the roads are in rush to get our house completed with the ones around it. I mean, how much will it suck for our neighbors to have a house being built right next door?

All that said, if a mid-century modern house comes on the market for the right price and the right area, I'm sure we could be lured away;)

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