Monday, August 11, 2008

So Cute!

I finally got Stella's hair chopped off this morning. Saturday was the last straw. She wouldn't let me pull it back in a ponytail and was throwing a royal fit every time I came near her, squirming away and screaming when I touched her. It resulted in me doing a lot of yelling (I hate it when I yell at her), and being in an extremely foul mood. I told Tim, "That's it! She's getting a bob!" Tim has been wanting to keep her hair long, but he quickly agreed to the haircut when he saw how crazy his wife had become. As a compromise, I offered that we'd continue growing out her bangs (something he also wanted). I figured I can get one clip in her hair everyday, but the clips plus the ponytail plus the bow was aging me prematurely.

It looks even more adorable than I could have imagined. Her hair looks so much thicker because it's short and it frames her face really well. And, as the hairstylist pointed out, her bangs have less to grow to catch up with the rest of her hair. Unfortunately this is the best picture I can get right now, she's playing diva and doesn't want her picture taken. It does make her look older, though, as Tim pointed out. I guess I'll get even more of the "she's only 2?!!"


Josh said...

Too cute! If I didn't have a daughter of my own, I totally wouldn't have just written that. ;-)

Kate said...

Holy Toledo, that kid just gets cuter and cuter! She looks very early 20th century with that little bob.

Jooley Ann said...

She looks adorable!!

This is the hairstyle I think I'll go for with Jo, when we go for her first 'do. I might try longer at first, but I'm betting she'll be *terrible* about letting me put it up.

It's a great photo -- she's growing so fast!