Monday, August 18, 2008

Um, before you do a play, there's this thing called "rehearsal"

So people keep asking me how Marisol is going and I have to answer, it's not, yet. Because we were supposed to start rehearsal last Monday, at least according to the google calendar. An email was never sent out to the group, I just obsessively checked the Google calendar they set up for us and saw that we had rehearsal on there. No mention of where, so I emailed last Sunday and then eventually we all got a response that we weren't starting rehearsal last week after all, along with a tentative list of rehearsals and a promise that we would get a final rehearsal schedule the next day in the morning. That was last WEDNESDAY and there still has been NOTHING! Another crazy thing: the tentative rehearsal schedule had us do a read-through tonight, a dramaturgy day tomorrow (whatever the heck that is) and then have the rest of the week off to memorize lines. WTF? We've had the last two months to memorize lines and were in fact told to have them memorized by the time rehearsal started, which I've pretty much done (I've got like one monologue to go and they aren't as solid as I'd like, but once I saw I didn't need them down until next week, I slacked off. I also have not scored my script. Bad, lazy Julie!)
Anyway, I checked the Google calendar this morning to see if it had helpful information like a time or location for rehearsal tonight and there is nothing listed. So I emailed again like, "um, are we rehearsing tonight? when and where?"
We open September 19th. That's one month and one day away. I am starting to worry this is going to be like those nightmares I occassionally have where I am about to be forced to go onstage and I've never had a rehearsal or memorized a line. On the bright side, at least in this case I can have the lines memorized!

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Kate said...

Rehearsals? Who needs those?