Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Why having a little girl ROCKS!

This evening, Stella and I painted our fingernails and our toenails together. Actually, I painted hers, of course. It was like the most freakin' great girl bonding EVER! And made up for yesterday when after no nap craziness and refusal to stay in time out for kicking Mommy I put MYSELF in time out by locking myself in the bathroom to get some peace (it happened 2 minutes before Tim came home, so don't go calling the authorities;).

I don't have a picture of our girl bonding because we were interrupted by a RACOON running across the back porch outside our bedroom window and then running and climbing as high as he possibly could into our oak tree. It freaked me out. Stella saw him first and just pointed and said, "ohhhhhh". It was awesome!

I apologize for the bluriness, he is waaaaaay up there, you can kind of see how high in this shot. If you look REAL hard you can kind of see his snout.

In sad news, this morning we said goodbye to a friend who graced our lives ever-so-briefly, so briefly I do not even have a picture, but left an indelible mark on Stella's little developing soul. Purple Plastic Flowered Flashy Flip-Flops from MeMe and Pappy, we hardly knew ye. You jumped ship off Stella's diminutive dirty dogs this morning on Tim's run. We went back to look for you, but alas, you didn't want to be found. Or you'd fallen off on the portion of the trail that we didn't make it to because, heck, Tim had to go to work and I was hungry. I'm sorry little flip flops. Stella forlornly kept going, "flop flops" today and looking for you and I had to remind her that her flop flops were lost to the Mabel Davis Park Loop. R.I.P. Our life will be a little darker without your flashing heels.

Purple Plastic Flowered Flashy Flip-Flops: August 2, 2008-August 13, 2008


Anonymous said...

I wish we'd gotten the racoon at the bottom of the tree. I think she was hoping you'd paint her toenails too.

yer mama said...

Henry may not be a girl but he does excellent work in the nail polish medium. He keeps my Aunt's fingernails very pretty. And somehow manages to get it in his hair too.