Monday, February 11, 2008

Sentences and "Me Too!"

Stella has just in the last week started really putting together sentences. One morning we were eating breakfast and she was like "Daddy eat too." So of course Daddy had to come in and eat. Other favorites are "Momma and Daddy eat too" when she's eating. Yesterday. Tim finally got the bike he bought secondhand for his birthday fixed up and was riding around the block testing it out. She said, "I bike too!" So cute. And bike she did after Tim got her trailer hooked up. It was adorable.
Tim's mother says that the whole "too" concept is very complex and it's really amazing for Stella to understand it so well. Although that might just be related to grandparents and parents always thinking that their offspring is a genius. Stella is really into the whole "too, both, also" thing. She has a baby she actually calls Baby Too (although I guess it could be Baby Two, but I think it comes out of me asking if she wants that Baby too) and I'm always asking her if she wants one or the other of something and she'll say, "both". I guess she's just a girl that wants it all!

I haven't been blogging much lately because I've just been so busy. Lots going on, although I'm not complaining. I like to be busy. I've been playing hostess a lot lately, which has been great after 4 months of not being able to have anyone over when we lived with Tim's parents. Last week I had bookclub, Stella's playgroup and then the ladies who lunch (+ Sean) and their broods over. The playgroup was awesome. There were 7 mamas, 7 toddlers and one newborn and it was pandemonium. Wild toddlers running around the backyard everywhere you looked! Totally illustrated why this house was so perfect for us. We didn't feel cramped at all even when we were inside in the dining room munching and the kids especially loved the stage. Two of the little boys, Archer and Finnion, were having a fantastic dance-off up there. It's such a great backyard.

Saturday we helped Tara and Jeff peel stickers off the glassware for their wedding, then headed home for a super-short nap for Stella and garage cleaning for Tim. We then filled every square inch of the Scion not occupied by a person with cardboard and headed to the recycling place. After all our hard work, Stella said she wanted Amy's, so how could I not comply? (Okay, Momma wanted Amy's.) I had the most divine flavor, Cupid's Delight, which was cherry ice cream with cherries and dark chocolate bits. I had oreos and sugar cone crushed in, it was heavenly. The crush-in was even free because for the second time in a row, I got the movie quote right! Then we decided to go to Lowe's to look at light fixtures. BIG mistake. Stella was totally out of control from the sugar in the 5 bites of ice cream we'd given her and just was all over the place. She was like a twitchy cocaine addict after a couple of lines. We finally got her corralled and back into the car and headed home where we set her loose in the backyard to work off some of that energy. Luckily she calmed down a bit and we were able to have dinner with Tim's parents and Christine and Brian, who were in town. Then we played Trivial Pursuit with them until waaay too late and I won for the first time in like, ever.
Sunday we finally finished cleaning the garage, thank goodness! It looks awesome in there.
You know, I did not intend for this to be a "recap my weekend" post. But once you start talking about your weekend, it's sometimes hard to know where to end it, ya' know?
Stella is taking a much needed very long nap right now. Of course, I really have errands I need to run, but isn't that when they always decide to take the long nap?

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