Tuesday, February 19, 2008

My Not Quite Broadway Baby

So Stella had her very first audition Friday. Anna sent us a notice about a granola commercial someone was casting and they were looking for a tall, slender, early 30's mom and her toddler. Sounded perfect for us, right? So I sent in Stella and I's pictures. They called us late Thursday night and asked us to come in Friday morning. I was nervous as hell, but I went anyway. We filled out paperwork, had to tell them repeatedly that no, we did not have a headshot, and finally we were ushered in. The lady gave me some complex directions about strolling Stella around while pretending that we were shopping. Oh, and make sure to cheat out to the camera. I totally forgot about the fact we were supposed to be shopping and Stella froze up like an astronaut that just got caught on a spacewalk without a suit. There were lights shining in our faces and about 10 young guys with laptops and this one lady who was totally annoyed with the fact that I couldn't get my child to smile. Everyone there looked like they would have rather been having root canals. Me too.

After our stroll, I thanked them for their time, made a joke about Stella being too much of a diva to perform on command and got the hell out of there. Stella started chattering and being herself as soon as we stepped out of the audition room. Figures. Oh, well, at least we don't have to worry about me being a stage mum!


Kate said...

Forgive me, but that story had me totally laughing! I love you description of Stella's response to it all. =)

Kate said...