Saturday, June 10, 2006

Stella does situps!

So Stella started a new thing this morning. We put her in her swing while we were enjoying some blueberry pancakes with her Auntie Christine and Uncle Brian who came for a brief visit, and she started lifting her head to see her feet, it looked like she was doing crunches! She's been doing it all day, anytime we put her in a reclining position. Tim said she was doing it just now in her sleep. Speaking of sleep, she's been sleeping almost all day today. I guess that baby situps really exhaust you. Our daughter is going to have a 6-pack. Rock!
Speaking of her Aunt and Uncle's visit, they watched Stella last night and we got to go see 24th Day at Arts on Real. We were unfortunately one of only 6 in the audience:( Trust us, Blake, we know how it feels! Anyway, it was SOOOO nice to get out just the two of us! We used to go see theatre at least once, and often 2 times a week and it was fantastic to get to do it for only the 2nd time since Stella was born.

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Kate said...

I think it's got to be all that Baby Yoga that's getting her into the exercise groove. :)