Sunday, June 25, 2006

Our Failure at Family Portraiture

We went to Sears this afternoon to try and get pictures of Stella as well as all 3 of us. I feel way behind on this, I really intended to do it earlier. It's hard to believe she turned 3 months old yesterday! She's going to be in college before we know it. Not really, but it does seem to have gone by fast. So we got to Sears, and they made us wait for a few minutes. While we waited, Stella was being adorable and laughing and smiling at us, not to mention drooling a whole bunch. They finally took us back, and we could tell she was getting a little tired. She'd not gotten as long of a nap as we would have liked, but we thought it'd all be okay. Okay, Tim thought it'd all be okay, and I was really worried about it. He took the sermon at church to heart today, and I tried to also after he reminded me of it. Basically, it was to trust in God that everything would be okay. They told the parable of Christ and the disciples on a ship when a big storm came up, the disciples freaked and went to Jesus who was asleep. He said "Peace, Be Still!" to the ocean and the storm stopped. I thought that having your baby be fussy during pictures was hardly a crisis of those proportions, but anyway, I tried not to worry. Well we got a couple of cute pictures of the 3 of us, with the poor photographer trying every trick in the book to get Stella to smile. She did, 3 times. Then they tried to get one of Stella by herself, with another photographer. Stella refused to smile, we could tell she was getting overloaded. We tried desperately to get her to keep going, but finally had to give up. We had to make another appointment for next Saturday morning. Usually she's really happy in the mornings, so hopefully it will work. The girl was really sweet about it, but I'm disappointed, I was really looking forward to having pictures of Stella. Oh, well, we'll just have to try again. Why do I stress out so much about something so silly? I spent way too much energy trying to find the perfect dress, but it just didn't happen either. We finally just dressed her in one of her onesies that looks like a dress, and it was probably for the best because she's very comfortable in those.

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Kate said...

Oh sweetie, don't take it so hard! I know Kelli has some great stories about picture taking-- especially at the beginning. I'll check and see if she still has her old journal and I'll forward you the link. I hope it helps. :)

Kiss that sweet baby for me, you lovely woman. How lucky am I to have you as a sister!