Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Grocery Store: Home of Peace and Light

I just got back from the grocery store about half an hour or so ago. Grocery stores in the middle of the day are so nice! It's deserted. You don't even have to pull a number at the deli counter. And there are moms and babies everywhere. I struck up a conversation with 3 different moms while waiting for my lunch meat. So bizarre. How did I ever work?
I'm so excited, Tim, Stella and I are going to have our first family portrait Sunday! Hopefully it'll turn out okay. I can't believe Stella's going to be 3 months Saturday and we haven't gotten a professional portrait of her yet. My very good friend Diane is a wonderful photographer and I plan to have her take some pictures of Stella, but, unfortunately, she lives in Houston. We're going to Sears, surely they can do a decent job. The pictures they took of Ashley and Henry were adorable.
On another note, I finally caught up on my straggling thank you notes for Stella's presents yesterday (except for the ones Tim needs to write to his relatives. I'm going to have to sit on him to make sure he does it:) It's really funny, but we've gotten 3 new presents since I finished! I'm not complaining, it's just funny that I feel like I'll never be caught up.
I've got to go feed Stella now, it sounds like she's waking up again. Also, I need to do the anti-rain dance. We have tickets to Beck tonight and it's supposed to storm like gangbusters!

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