Friday, June 16, 2006

I just want a haircut!!!!

See how shaggy my hair is? Actually, you don't notice my hair because Stella is just too cute, isn't she?
I have been procrastinating getting my haircut for forever now, because I'm growing it out and because my hairstylist costs too much and has not been doing that great of a job lately. But it's finally gotten to the point where I can't take it anymore, it's been nearly 3 months, the longest I've gone without a haircut in years. So I finally called to make an appt. and my stylist is on vacation until Wednesday. I cannot wait until Wednesday, when I decide I want my hair cut, I want it cut right then! So I'm trying to find somewhere else and it is sooo hard! I got recommendations from friends, but, of course, they're all even more expensive that Betty and I can't even remember where they said. Tim loved Bird's and I called and they do women's hair, but you have to just walk in. I'm thinking about just trying it, although getting your haircut at a place that caters to men is a little scary. Gosh, why is this so difficult?!


Kelli in the Mirror said...

I have to say I'm a tiny bit glad you're having trouble because I've always been jealous of your fabulous hair and it's nice to know that it takes work for you too. :) Isn't that small and petty of me? I really mean it in a nice way though, because I do love your hair. I don't even think it looks shaggy. Although I was looking at Stella... but still.
Remember I posted awhile back about how hard it was to find someone? I finally got a haircut last week I like, but I'm back to paying more money than I want to. OH well.

Kate said...

So... how does it look? :)

Julie said...

I didn't get my haircut, I chickened out:( Plus we had 1,001 things to do on Saturday. I'm going back to the same old lady this Saturday.