Sunday, June 04, 2006

The Coolest Houses in town

Tim discovered this awesome modern neighbohood called Agave which is way East on MLK, but only 10 minutes from downtown:
We decided to drive there today. OMG, drool, drool, drool! The houses are so cool and they have amazing views. Tim and I had all but decided we were moving there until we got home and looked at the prices again. And then did the math. As Kelli pointed out in her comment on my earlier post, the calculators do not factor in escrow: taxes, mortgage insurance, and home insurance, which adds up to over $400 a month of our payment. Depressing. Tim was willing to sell his kidney to try and save the money for a huge downpayment, but it turns out organ selling is illegal:) But I can't blame him, the houses rock. They're going to have more models though, so we're still holding out hope that maybe, just maybe. But they are absolutely gorgeous, definitely if I had $210k+ lying around, I would spend it on one of these and feel like I was getting my money's worth.
BTW, reality tv apparently loves Austin. In the last week we have seen: Property Values on HGTV that had homes in Austin, Rachel Ray's Travels that was in Austin, and Trading Spaces Austin. I just hope it does not encourage more people to move here. Please, stop, it's already getting too crowded and too expensive. I don't want Austin to turn into LA! It's the damn Californians that are moving here anyway, selling their bungalows for $850k and then buying houses here at ridiculous prices and touting it as cheap.


Laclos said...

I like the house... mmm... Green!

Kate said...

Argh! Burst, housing bubble-- burst! Seriously, you guys need a lovely modern house and hopefully sooner rather than later. I feel a little guilty about getting you guys thinking about your dream house... Although, it's kind of your fault in the first place since you guys got me hooked on the whole modern thing. Nah, can't blame it on you, but it was fun trying. :)

Kate said...

In other news, I've seen the $40 a day in Austin. The one where she goes to the Salt Lick, yes? Ryan keeps telling me he wants to take me there. Is it too far to haul the monkey? We could meet at your house and drive up and it's our treat... :)

Tim said...

Nah, the salt lick is pretty close to us. It's maybe 20 minutes. It's definitely doable on any given night, provided you have cash and a cooler full of beer. You have to get the all you can eat, and stuff yourself to your gills.

Kate said...

Excellent! Once we get our house in order a little more we'll come and do that. And then babysit so you can have another night out. :)