Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Stella in her Spring Program

I took a rather long video of Stella's Spring Program Tuesday. They sang the song she sings at least a snippet of almost every day: Dinosaurs Marching. It's really funny because here, Stella does all the motions, but she doesn't sing any of it until the end. It looks to me like she's looking around trying to find me, and at the very end (probably around the 1:20 mark), she sees me and smiles and it's so cute it just makes me melt! Stella can be so independent you think she's like "Mommy who?", so moments like this make a Mommy all warm and fuzzy.

Tim couldn't make it, so I'm SOOO glad I asked a grandmother I was sitting next to to keep an eye on Etta while I made my way to the front to get this video. If I'd stayed in the back where I was because of the giant stroller, I would barely have been able to see her and I certainly couldn't have gotten any pictures. (I did ask someone to watch Etta, though, instead of just walking off and abandoning my baby in her stroller like the two women in front of me. Seriously, I have no idea where those mamas went! And some man was looking in their strollers. Kind of creepy!)

We finally did Tummy Time and play time with Etta last night. And boy is she a pro at it. Etta played the little foot chimes immediately and for a long time. Stella loves it too. Just check out this adorable photo of them together.Stella also kept Etta entertained by talking to her and showing her her Barbies while I got ready. So cute!

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