Saturday, April 18, 2009

Rain, Rain Go Away...

So it's been raining yesterday and today. The days I'd planned to get out in the weather and have some fun with the family, especially since Etta hit the all-important mark of 4 weeks yesterday. But then it started storming. We need the rain, so I'm trying to not be too bummed about it, but it really would be nice to be out enjoying Spring rather than cooped up inside. That way Stella and Etta could be riding in the new stroller that came this morning, rather than Stella pushing it around the house with her dolls in it and pretending like she's going to the park.

Luckily, Stella still has fun, even in the rain:
I was looking at a website for suggestions for things to do on a rainy day, and there was a picture of a little girl spinning with an umbrella. Stella decided she wanted to do that and headed out, umbrella in hand.

We braved the weather to go out to lunch because we promised Stella, and after all of us napped, Stella and I enjoyed some hot chocolate.

How do children always get these food and drink mustaches while us adults never do?

This happened Wednesday, but Stella gave Etta a bottle. I was realizing that we needed to give her bottles every week or so so that she doesn't forget and stop taking a bottle, so we decided this would be a fun opportunity for Stella to help. She did a really great job and seemed to really enjoy it:

And now, since this has mostly been a Stella post, a really cute 4-week picture of Etta:

I guess Stella's sick of the rain, she has declared that it is sunny outside (it most certainly is not) and that she wants to take Etta to see the chickens. Time for some distraction!

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