Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Don't you have anything better to do

Than eat? Etta is unfortunately one of those "eat around the clock" babies. The longest she goes between feedings is two hours and when she does eat, she just sort of hangs out there forever. This is getting a bit tiresome, I have to admit. Stella went 3 hours between feedings, pretty much from the get-go and even though she'd nurse for an hour and a half at each feeding, somehow that seemed easier, I don't know why. I thought I was going to have to nurse Etta again just a few minutes ago, but she calmed down just being held and then passed out in the Moby. So maybe I can eek just a few more minutes out before I'm attached again!

Because of all this time that Etta demands to be fed, I have given up any hope of returning to normal life yet. I have resigned myself to having my focus be simply feeding Etta, sleeping and eating. It's not a very exciting existence, but I guess it's what I've got to do for at least a little while longer! So if you see Etta or Stella (or me!) in some bizarre outfits, you can assume I still haven't had time to do laundry! I think the hardest part is that Stella and Tim tool around and seem to be having so much fun, but Stella doesn't really want much to do with me. She adores Etta, but I'm chopped liver. Oh well, I guess that's to be expected!

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Anna said...

I know how it feels to tethered to a baby when you'd rather be doing other things.... It goes by fast, but feels really slow in the beginning!