Thursday, April 23, 2009

House Numerology

I just did the House Numerology for my house. Because I'm silly like that. And this was what I came up with:

House Number 1
The positive energy vibration of this house is that a House number 1 creates good energy and has many positive vibrations. This house caries with it an inventive energy that needs someone who likes to set trends. Lots of sunlight is a must for this positive vibration to occur. If you are lacking in natural sunlight, then I would suggest getting some natural lighting light bulbs.
This house can evoke selfishness and snobbery. It is also suggested that you keep an eye on the candles in this house for One houses are prone to fires. Make sure you fire alarm batteries are always up to date, even better, get the wired fire alarms.

Positive Colour Suggestions: Yellow, Gold, and Orange.

"Prone to Fires"? That's pretty scary! Of course, I don't really believe in any of this, except for fun, but it still freaks you out a little!

Get your house's numerology here.

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