Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Stomach Bugs Suck

So Tim and I both were waylaid with an awful stomach bug Monday that kept us yakking until the afternoon and immobile the rest of the day. Luckily, Stella was really understanding, more understanding that you would expect a 2 year old to be, and mostly was happy to play by herself and cuddle with us some. And her Baba was kind enough to come by between her classes that she's teaching to bring us Gatorade and saltines and make Stella lunch and put her down for her nap. Which Stella unfortunately didn't take, although she did stay out of our hair for an hour or so. Then Baba came back to pick Stella up and take her to sleep at her house and took her to preschool and picked her up! So we were able to sleep almost straight from 11pm Monday night to 10:30am Tuesday morning, which I credit mostly with our recovering. It is SO nice to return to the land of the living. There is one good thing that came out of our sickness, though. We had a super-busy weekend and as a consequence, ate a lot of unhealthy fast food and restaurant food. So perhaps two days of eating nearly nothing will counteract that weekend of gorging and I WON'T blow my completely on target weight gain so far. Yay!

I'm very proud of that fact that I have gained exactly what you are supposed to by this point in my pregnancy. I sort of wish I'd kept where I recorded what I gained with Stella, so I could see what month it was that I started going out of control, but I'm pretty sure it was about now. With her, I gained 5 pounds the first trimester, like you are supposed to, and then gained like 5 the next month, 6 the month after that, 7 after that and then freaked when I gained 8 after that. Or something like that. Too much, anyway you look at it. I'm really hoping that I won't end this pregnancy with double-chin;) Heck, maybe I'll even still have ankles! Ha!

Monday about 6pm we broke down and watched an episode of Sesame Street on the Kids on Demand channel. Man, Sesame Street really hasn't changed much since we were kids. I think they even used some of the same videos they would show way back then! And Stella was transfixed, it was really creepy. She sat in the chair, totally glued to the television, and she would squirm every once in a while and answer my questions about the show, but she really was like a zombie. It's totally what T. Berry Brazelton describes about kids and television. It was even weirder because usually she totally ignores tv, even television aimed at kids. I guess Sesame Street is a special breed and, as Tim pointed out, it is educational. But I still think she'll be watching it in emergency only situations!

As far as potty training, between the accidents on Friday, a super-busy weekend and our sickness, we definitely got off track. Hopefully we can get her back on track soon!

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Kate said...

I'm so sorry that you've been sick. That sucks. I bet Baba was sad that you felt bad, but NOT that she got to spend some much time with La Stella.