Friday, October 24, 2008

Dancing Daughter vs Dancing Mama

So my mother sent me some photos today of me when I was Stella's age rocking out.

Sadly, my dancing hasn't gotten much better in the subsequent 29 years. And this is Stella just this morning:

I wish she was looking up, but in the others I took, she has the blue "hat" over her head.

We didn't get a film camera until I was 3, so no film of me making up songs until then, but here's Stella composing some music. She starts yelling, "no no" at the end because she realized I was filming. She hates paparazzi messing with her creative process.

As far as the outfit, she is wearing cotton training panties with real panties over them, my socks and her own shirt, obviously. Yes, we are trying toilet training again and so far it's going pretty well. I got her a book a few weeks ago called "Big Girls Use the Potty" and in it the little girl's teddy has his own potty. Stella expressed desiring a potty for her own lion, so when we went to Ikea Monday, we got one. She's subsequently showed a lot more interest in the potty and has even gone successfully twice! I'm trying not to get too excited, but I think she's (mostly) got it down. She does find pooping a lot easier, I think because she has more warning, but cvxd1` has been peeing in the training panties. She's also had one pooping accident in the training panties. But I'm still optimistic and she wants to keep trying. Apparently peer pressure did the trick. Sully at school wears underwear, she told me, and her teacher said that Tuesday she even asked to go to the potty with the other kiddos. So please send successful potty training vibes our way!

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Kate said...

Those pictures are fabulous--I love the ones of you with your "microphone." (drum stick?)

I love that outfit on Stella!