Thursday, October 09, 2008

Oh, computer you evil time-sucker

I had plans. Grand plans to do all sorts of things this morning. But first, I wanted to check my email. And well, of course I must check Google Reader. And wow, look at that, there is an interview with my friends Josh and Matt at Rubber Rep on the Chronicle's website. So of course, one thing leads to another and we are yet again 20 minutes away from having to pick up Stella and my to-do list has not had one thing ticked off of it. Although, in my defense, I did go this morning and get the DBA for Loaded Gun Theory, which caused me not to get home until after 11. And I also cleaned the enormous mound of toys and trash out of the car.

Yes, LGT is an official entity now, and Bill, Ian and I are now bound together for life. Or rather for 10 years or until we decide to relinquish our assumed name. Very exciting!

But I simply must be more disciplined about getting work done before getting online. I think I'll go engage in a mad dash to at least vaccuuum the kitchen, if you'll excuse me.

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Kate said...

Sounds like you had a pretty productive morning. Congrats to LGT!