Wednesday, October 01, 2008

On the mend

So I'm starting to feel better today. I'm still snotty and my throat is itchy, but my head doesn't feel like a hammer is pounding on it anymore. I still get tired easily, though, going to the grocery store this morning was exhausting, but it's exhausting every week, really! Unfortunately, though, Tim's on the way down. He's got the plague as well.

I finally got it together to get a tummy picture this weekend, so hopefully BabyBean won't feel TOO neglected, even if its sister got a tummy picture a month:
Yes it still looks like a beer gut, but it's a baby, I swear!

We burned the candle at both ends and in the middle this weekend, which is probably why I finally caught the Marisol sickness. Friday night we had the cast party, where things got so wild Jen started hallucinating that her wine was talking to her. Will was not amused. Seriously, this photo is not posed. I looked over and Jen was just had her wine up to her ear like that!
Saturday we traded off with Stella so each of us got a little extra sleep, then headed over to his parents for lunch with Caroline and Daniel at Freddie's, where Stella climbed the playground ramp like a monkey. I broke my no caffeine rule by having a coffee at breakfast, and then a soda with lunch. Later, before Marisol, I also had a mocha. It was either that or pass out. Saturday night after the play we went to the Okkervil River show at Emo's with Ian and it was AMAZING! I'd never seen them live and they put on a fantastic show. "For Real" turned into a goth sing-a-long, I nearly peed my pants. If you have the chance to go see them, DO. They are real crowd pleasers and played all the favorites. Sunday it was back out for lunch with Christine and Brian and Tim's parents before my matinee. Sadly, we did not get to eat at Austin Java in Southpark Meadows as I had intended to because they are out of business. Seriously! They'd only been in business about 2 months!

Stella is clutching the "Rasta" Lion that her Aunties and Uncles brought her this weekend

And then we closed Marisol.

So it was a fun weekend. And now I am paying for it. But I'd probably be sick no matter what.

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Kate said...

You look great! And I love that photo of all of you with Stella. She just looks so like she belongs there.