Thursday, October 02, 2008

Stella gets a stellar report from school

When I picked Stella up from school, her teachers raved about what an awesome day she'd had. Apparently she helped a lot, handing out the napkins for lunch and patting a friend on the back when they got upset. She also hugged some of her friends when they came in. The teachers couldn't get over what a wonderful little child she is. She's such an empathetic, caring little thing, I hope she never loses that.

And I love how she's so happy when she gets to school in the morning and immediately goes over to start playing with her friends. Then when I come to pick her up in the afternoon, she sees me, her face lights up, and she runs over and hugs me. Of course, today she also told me she had a poopy diaper, but I don't mind that so much because she's such a little sweetheart;)

Today's project was a necklace made out of Froot Loops for the birds to eat. We hung it in a tree and Stella watched it intently for a little while, but so far no birds have bitten. I can't blame them, honestly, those things are foul! Or fowl. HA!

And for no reason at all other than that it is adorable and I'm too lazy to get my camera and post my picture of her Froot Loop bird feeder, here is Stella professing her love of bacon:


Tim said...

I love how (on the days I go in to work), she (and Lucy) fly out the front door to greet me.

Kate said...

She is a very sweet and loving little girl. Poor Uncle Ryan was thinking that little kids are afraid of him, so Stella throwing her arms around his neck helped a lot.

Mom called me and Stella left me a message that she loves me. =)