Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Stella's Newest Achievements

I've been remiss in recounting Stella's latest achievements. As you all know from earlier posts, she started crawling a couple of weeks ago, then clapping and waving bye bye pretty reliably. But a week and a half ago, she said, "Bye" as her Aunt Christine and Uncle Brian were leaving. It was adorable. She kept waving and saying, "Bye". It was clear that's what it was. Then about a week ago she said bye and waved to her Daddy as he was leaving for work. Day before yesterday, she started cruising. She actually took steps from the ottoman to the glider to the table. And then yesterday she cruised among three chairs I set up in the kitchen, and from the coffee table to my leg to the couch. Very exciting! So the girl is actually showing some interest in walking, but crawling is certainly still her first love. Well, i see she's trying to climb the very dangerous cd cases, so I better go stop her. If anybody has any suggestions for blocking off cd storage or the fireplace, let me know!

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