Monday, February 19, 2007

And Coveting what you don't have (yet)

We are going to check out the Mueller Re-development when they announce the home types and builders on March 5th. It's going to be the coolest thing ever, this super-duper utopia where all different home types and retailers co-exist together, they're even going to have their own elementary school. Supposedly, anyway. And apparently you have to sign up for a home from March 5th through the beginning of April or else you're screwed because it's going to be so popular. It's going to have row houses, which would be so cool, and prices supposedly start from the low 100's, all the way up to half a million, so we could slum it and live there. Not! Maybe we could actually afford something there, we'll just have to see. It just would be so cool to be so close to everything and close to church. Perhaps Tim could actually sing in the choir and stuff. I'm not getting my hopes up, but we are going to check it out.

But people who move here from California shouldn't live there. Because you will make it expensive. And you will make it where we can't live there because you will be too close. You will rub your California-ness on us and smother us and we cannot have that.

I may set a new record for posting today.


Mindy said...

Know what I hate about Californians? The food they inevitably bring with them. Yes, Im talking about Cali-Baja mexican food. Excuse me, you are in texas, youre gonna eat our Tex-Mex and your gonna like it Mister! What is the f-ing point of putting black beans and corn in everything? And eat some friggin meat for godsakes. The Good Lord made you a carnivore! I say eat it, or forfeit your incisors.

Mindy said...

Maybe I should have posted this with your first California rant. Sorry, it just takes a while for my rage to boil over.

Kate said...

Okay, I'm getting my hopes up for you. That would be so freaking cool!