Wednesday, January 02, 2008


I am extremely flattered that Marsha gave me this award. I think it's especially funny that she should award me at a time when I've barely posted because of the holidays and the painting project that won't die. Anyway, I'm supposed to say what three things I believe are most important to powerful writing and then pass the award on to five blogs I believe deserve recognition. I guess the three things I think most important are: humor, a unique perspective, and grammar and spelling skills. Yep, I went there. As far as five blogs I like that Marsha didn't already name...
Tim's blog. Yes, that's my dear husband's blog, but nobody said that you couldn't give the award to your kin. I give him the award even though his grammar and spelling skills suck. For example, he doesn't know the difference between lose and loose. He'll say, "don't loose your marbles." But I love him anyway and I enjoy reading his tirades on everything from urban density to his wife forcing him to paint our house while he's supposed to be enjoying vacation.
Katie-Kat World. Once again, more nepotism, she is Tim's sister, but she's funny and speaks incredibly frankly about her mental health issues and being a teacher. Her stories about her students are HI-larious.
Dooce. Julie turned me onto this blog and she is great to read. I'm sure she'll never see I bestowed this award on her because she doesn't read my blog and she doesn't allow comments, but I hope folks will check her out. She is an incredible photographer and writer.
Austin Contrarian. Once again, I can guarantee he will neither know nor care that I gave him this award, but Tim introduced me to him and he has converted me to "smart" growth. Density, VMU's, he discusses them all in an entertaining and informative way.
Sweet Juniper. Yep, won't know or care about this award, but is funny, entertaining, unique. Also makes you want to move to Detroit with his amazing photos of the urban decay and ruin.
Okay, so that's five. It's taken me all morning to finish this post because today is all about Stella. Poor thing has been at her grandparents most of the last week while we painted. I know she had a blast with them, but we've missed her and she's missed us. I think I now know what it would be like to be a mom who worked outside the house and it has definitely confirmed that I'm happy with my choice! So I'm really trying to ignore everything else and spend lots of time with her to make up for it. Of course, now she's napping, so I'm off to try and finish the first coat up on the back of the house! I'll have to live up to my award later:)


Dutch said...

thank you!

AC said...

I do care! And I'm flattered. Thanks